Tennis Career Program Overview

Not every young tennis student will have a career goal. However for students that aspire to a high level of play, the development of a step by step career plan from the beginning results in optimal development of the player. To help with that conversation we have put developed a clear tennis career program overview.

Career planning begins with an evaluation of the player’s skills and individual goals to create a personalized plan that would best suit their needs and requirements as an advancing player. Our Director works with each player and parents to assess and identify personal goals and objectives for long term player development.

  • Mentor program: Exceptional players thrive with a strong support network. Each plan includes an assigned mentor to ensure the player has the additional support they need to reach ultimate success.
  • Long Term Planning: The career plan is developed through the collaboration and communication of the personal mentor, player and parents which will include:
    • Player Profile
    • Goal Setting
    • Fitness Testing
    • Periodization
    • Training Schedule
    • Tournament Schedule
    • Annual Plan *
    • * Annual Plan to support periodization, including player activities to avoid player burn-out.
  • Strategy and tactics development for tournament players to recognize and understand the factors influencing excellent match play includes:
    • Principles for strategy and tactics in singles play
    • Types of game styles and how to counter each one
    • Tactics used in the 5 game situations
    • Importance of anticipation in the modern game
    • Percentage play for tournament players
    • Tactics Match Analysis
    • Tactical Training
  • Individual Student’s Biomechanics: A customized plan is designed to develop optimum player techniques for the most efficient combination of power and control in both stroke and movement technique.
  • Long-Term Physical Development: It is essential for ideal player development to avoid injuries and burnout. A customized plan based on physical maturation principles and critical age components is necessary to achieve the progressive adaptations to game demands. Our fitness program will allow the player to improve all necessary fitness skills while minimizing risks. In addition, private fitness training is also available upon request.
  • Movement: Tennis is a moving game, and the way a player moves on the court determines how successful they can be as a tennis player. Our custom program improves agility, speed, acceleration, balance, explosive recovery and response time for each player based on their individual needs. Regular evaluations are performed by our experts to determine where a player will need extra work to excel.
  • Mental Training for Tournament players: The quality of competitive tournament performance is closely linked to motivation, concentration, emotional control and the ability to control internal dialogue. The plan will include an evaluation & feedback of mental performance in tournament play. Additional private mental conditioning is available upon request.
  • Tournaments: A well-developed training schedule is organized with the parent, player and mentor for the most advantageous use of competitions throughout the year.
  • Traveling coach: The frequency and duration of travel will be determined by a student’s goals and objectives. A traveling coach is available for additional fees.
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